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Financial Calculator / Key Facts Statement


This Key Facts Statement (KFS) summarizes key information of the loan you are interested in and can be used for comparison purposes between different credit providers

DISCLOSURE DATE: Include date at which information is correct. This is the date at which the information is correct. Note that the final loan features may differ because of your personal financial position or due to a change in the information provided, including interest rates and fees and charges.

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Specific information about your loan

Loan Recieved:
Interest rate (fixed):
Total interest charges:
(Total interest you will pay)
Total fees and charges:
(Total other charges you will pay throughout the duration of the loan)
Total cost of credit :
(This is made up of total interest and all other charges for the tenor of the loan)


Repayment Amount:
Date of first Repayment:
Other Repayment Dates:
    Total Number of Repayment:

    *Note that the amount required to be paid (for each repayment and total) does not include fees which are dependent on events that may not occur (for example, late payment fees)

    Fees and charges comprise of

    Management Fee:
    Insurance Fee:

    Penalties and Additional Requirements

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    If dissatisfied with the resolution of your complaint, you can escalate the complaint to the Consumer Protection Department of the Central Bank of Nigeria by writing to the Director, Consumer Protection Department, CBN, Abuja or send an email to:

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