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Managing COVID-19

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COVID - 19

Facts and Myths About Covid-19

It is no longer news that the COVID-19 pandemic is changing everything around us. Our lives, operations, and customer's business have come to a standstill while authorities are challenged to develop measures to reverse the spread of the epidemic.

There is no business, no sector, and no economy beyond the reach of the devastating influence of this epidemic.

We understand this is a difficult time and we are continually putting in place measures to cushion the effect and ensure the safety of all stakeholders.

Supporting You

At Accion MfB, your safety and well-being remain very important to us. We are actively monitoring the situation and taking steps to ensure our branches and outlets remain a safe place for you to do business without fear or concern. While visiting any of our branches nationwide, we simply advise you to come properly kitted with your nose mask and your pen to help curb the spread.

We have placed some precautionary measures in place for your safety:

  • All of our branches have bottles of sanitizers for your use; please sanitize your hands.
  • Our support staff have been advised to ensure all outlets are kept clean and disinfected.
  • Our support staff have been advised to ensure all outlets are kept clean and disinfected.
  • When on the queue, please keep a social distance of 2m apart from the next customer as advised by medical authorities.
  • Our Staff have also been advised to practice safety measures by constantly washing their hands.
For more information, contact: 0800-970000-10 or visit
Information is power
Information is Power: Webinar Series

The Covid-19 pandemic has been central in our minds for the past few weeks and valid concerns have been raised about its effect on our lives, health, and economy.

We understand these concerns and commenced hosting a series of webinars to provide support to staff, customers, and all stakeholders. These webinar series cover different topics from health issues, economic, and business.

We aim to equip our stakeholders with relevant insights and information to thrive during this period.

These webinar episodes are usually very insightful; we encourage you to join us. Please register here to join the Webinar.

Download our previous webinar slides
Accion MfB Palliative
Palliative Measures

Accion MfB understands this is a difficult time for our customers to meet their obligations and the bank is committed to supporting our esteemed customers thrive irrespective of the current global situation.

The Bank has put in place various palliative measures to support you and help cushion the effect of the pandemic on your businesses.

These initiatives are one of the ways we are rewarding our committed and loyal customers.

Please speak to your account officers to know more about these palliative measures or call us on 07000 222 466

Our Digital Channels

To further curb the spread of the virus, we encourage all our customers to use our alternative banking channels for transactions and to reduce cash handling while transacting this period.

Our digital channels are available for your use.

  • Accion Mobile App which is available on Google play store. Download our Accion mobile App here, perform all transactions seamlessly.
  • *572# {USSD} to transfer funds, buy airtime and perform other transactions at your convenience without the use of internet
  • Accion MfB ATM card: This can be used at all POS nationwide and ATMs.

For enquires you can reach us on 07000 222 466 or send a mail to

You can also send us a DM on our social media handles @accionmfb

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