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Frequently Asked Questions

ATM Issues

If you use the Accion MfB ATM without cash being dispensed: There will be auto reversal within 24hrs failing which the failed transaction should be reported at any Accion MfB MfB branch.

If you use Accion MfB MfB Debit card on other Bank's ATM: all disputes will be resolved between 5-7 working days.

ATM Issues

Call Center line
+23412719326 / 07000222466

Send WhatsApp Message on 07045222933

Send E-mail to

Questions About Brighta Loans

Questions About Accion MfB MfB Loans

Questions About Accion MfB Accounts

Questions About Accion MfB Channel Services

  • Yes it like other Debit Card. You can make use of Accion MfB Brighta Cash card on any Automated Teller Machine (ATM), POS (Point of Sales) and for online transactions/ shopping.
  •   What USSD code can I use to make transaction and how can I start?
    • As a first time user dial *572*143*0# to Register or activate Brighta 143.
    • Dial *572*143*amount# and follow notification to purchase airtime.
    • Dial *572*143* phone number*amount# and follow notification to send airtime to another.
    • Dial *572*143*recipients account number*amount# and follow notification for inter bank transfers.
    • Dial *572*143*Biller code*amount# and follow notification to pay Bills.
  •   How soon will my debit card be ready?
    You can collect your Brighta Cash Card immediately in the Branch after necessary documentations.
  •   How do you resolve Debit Card Issues?
    • Chip not smart: You have to request for another card which may take 24/48 hours.
    • Issuer-inoperative: We are currently experiencing a down time on our servers or from switch (Interswitch). Please wait for the issue to be resolved .
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