Brighta 143 allows you to do ‘’Self recharge, Third party recharge, Interbank Transfers, Bill Payments, and Balance Enquiry.’’ 
Find below short codes for your transaction:

   Service                            Short Code

1    Self-Recharge                        *322*143*Amount#
2    Third Party Recharge            *322*143*Phone number*Amount#
3    Transfer                                 *322*143*NUBAN No*Amount#
4    Bill Payment                          *322*143*Biller ID*Amount#
5    Balance Enquiry                    *322*143*0#

Biller Code                         Biller

1033                                            Swift 4G Subscription (Swift 4G)
1088                                            GoTV
1099                                            DStv
1098                                            DStv Box Office
1077                                            Startimes  
1066                                            LCC toll payments
1055                                            Nairabet
1068                                            Lagos Toll Company (LTC)

Contact cardservices@accionmfb.com for any further enquiries or questions

ATM Card

Accion MfB ATM Cards can be used to carry out your banking activities from the comfort of your home and offices. Accion MfB ATM Cards can be used on any ATM machines in Nigeria.

Have you collected your Accion MfB ATM Card? You can collect and activate your card at the nearest Accion MfB branch. 

What can I do with my Accion MfB ATM Card?

Accion MfB ATM cards allow you to carry out some transactions without necessarily visiting any of our branches. Using the Accion MfB ATM Card you can:
  • Check your account balance
  • Do fund transfers between own accounts
  • Do fund transfers to other accounts (Third party transfers)
  • Do fund transfers to other Nigerian bank accounts (Inter-bank transfers)
  • Airtime top-ups, Bill payments etc.

How can I get the Accion MFB ATM Card?

Walk in to any of our branches and open a Savings Account. This entitles you to an Accion MfB ATM Card. 
Accion MfB ATM Card fee: N1,000 (One Thousand Naira)
Validity: 3 years
E-mail: cardservices@accionmfb.com
Telephone +234 1 2911445, +234 1 2951010