The Company

Established in 2006, Accion Microfinance Bank Limited began operations in May 2007 on license from the Central Bank of Nigeria. Our management team comprises seasoned and distinguished professionals from diverse backgrounds complemented by the expertise of our technical partners, ACCION International. At Accion Microfinance Bank our core values, business philosophy and methodology distinguish us as one of the leading microfinance banks in Nigeria.


  • Integrity

    We adhere to the highest ethical standard; employing fairness, probity and mutual respect in all we do.
  • Leadership

    We are committed to an attitude and culture of positively influencing the environment around us both as an organization and individually through our people.
  • Teamwork

    We collaborate with all our stakeholders by effectively interacting and proactively building effective and value adding relationships to achieve our shared goals.
  • Customer Service

    We actively seek to understand our customers’ circumstances, problems, expectations and needs with the aim of delighting and surpassing their expectations in our service delivery.
  • Innovation

    Ours is a creative team determined to generate new products, services and processes that lead to new dimensions of performance and value creation for all our stakeholders